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Now Fans Choose The Music! [Nov. 10th, 2009|03:02 pm]
NME : New Musical Express
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Oswald - Flying To The Ground]

The future of the music industry is here: now fans choose the music! The revolution that was started by Oswald band is happening now!

It's all about choice: Do you like when somebody else decides what you should listen to? Do you like the pop stuff that's falling on you from TV screens? This was the problem, the guys from Oswald were thinking about, and they found the perfect way to change this situation. They decided to let their fans choose what the band's next single will be. The fans were asked to vote for their favorite Oswald song and their voice has been heard!

So now, when the voting is over we can proudly say - Oswald fans became a part of the newest music industry model which puts fans first!

"Flying To The Ground" - is powerfull and full of strong emotions, it brings an important message for the souls of people. It is a very melodious song with powerful lyrics. The fans chose, and Oswald delivered. But you better just give it a listen for yourself. Enjoy!

Url: http://www.official.oswaldtheband.com/